Utböling, oil, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 150x110cm, 2016



from UT = out, outside


BÖRD = descent (here)

the word means "den utanför vår krets födde"

= someone born outside our family / group / society


is originally a dialect form of the above with the exact same meaning. This

dialect form eventually became accepted by many and is now the common form.

"Svenska Akademiens Ordlista" - the ocial dictionary of

Swedish language by the Swedish Academy conrms this.

"utbörding l. vard. utböling -en, -ar s."

l. = eller = or

vard. = vardagligt = colloquial

-en = utbördingen = denite form

-ar = utbördingar = plural

Since BÖRD has a rather old-fashion / formal ring today, the form UTBÖLING is mostly used

denoting a person from "outside" - no specic meaning of foreigner or birth - just a general

"not from here" or "not belonging to us". Context gives the specics (if any). The word has a

derogatory tone today.

© Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo 2020