Exhibition view. I have invited the public to place their personal objects in the empty instalation containing from the beginnig only furniture. My intention was to change the original identity (or the lack of it) into something more personal and complex. Walking one day in Ragusa I found a piece of paper on the pathwalk. I was dirty. It looked like a page pulled out from somebodys diary/calender. I do not speak Italian and I started to imagine what the text is about as the letters were written in an violent style. Later on I asked the exhibition curator Francesco Lucfora to translate the text for me. It was about someones problems with not finding work and beeing generally depressed about a lot of things. It was the first object placed in the installation space. I decided to play two videos paralell to the instalation. Adapt, 1,58 min., 2012(view this video on http://vimeo.com/57739072)  and Adjust, 4,36 min., 2012 (view this video on http://vimeo.com/57739073). View the performance slide show on http://vimeo.com/68240763


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